SA Liberal wind farm policy

Will the SA Liberals stick with the same anti-renewable energy policies that are so unpopular with the Australian people that they helped get the Victorian Liberals thrown out after only one term?

The Victorian Government of Baillieu and Napthine had the most draconian wind power laws of any government in the world. It was a policy of giving the right of veto to any householder within two kilometres of a proposed wind turbine, not allowing any wind farm to be within five kilometres of a town and disallowing wind farms in large parts of the state. It was much easier to get approval to dig a coal mine, build a coal-fired power station or frack under a valuable aquifer than to build a wind farm.

This policy effectively put a stop to the multi-billion dollar wind power industry in Victoria, took much needed income away from many farmers, and no doubt helped to get the government thrown out on November 29th 2014 after only one term. (It was the first one-term government in Victoria in sixty years.)

At the time of writing, the South Australian Liberal Party had much the same policy.

Written 2014/12/04, modified 2015/01/19
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Will the Liberals kill-off the SA wind industry?


Question put to Steven Marshal

Steven Marshal, leader of the SA parliamentary Liberals, was asked to comment on the SA Liberal's wind power policy on 2015/01/19.
Wind power in SA has been remarkably successful. We have gone from no wind power in early 2003 to about 34% of our electricity being generated by the wind in 2014. At present SA is a world-leader in the proportion of our wind and solar energy.

The SA Liberals have had many leaders in the last few years, I believe Isobel Redmond was leader when the party produced a flyer announcing that if they came to power they would put into force much the same laws as killed-off the Victorian Wind Industry.

WWF survey shows that Australians want more renewables

A WWF survey found that 89% of Australians want the RET to be increased or stay the same. The same survey, conducted 2014/11/26 and involving 5,036 voters, found that 84% of people want the Federal Government to invest more in renewables.

The Victorian Liberal Government was thrown out after they gutted the wind industry

Leigh Ewbank of Yes2Renewables wrote a piece for Business Spectator, 2014/12/02, on 'How clean energy played out in the Victorian election.

Anti-renewables Abbott Government very unpopular

At the time of writing the Abbott Government was also holding back renewable energy development in Australia, and receiving condemnation from the rest of the world for it's pro-coal, anti-climate action, stance. It is very unpopular with the Australian voters and is also looking like being a one-term government.

Fisher by-election goes against Liberals

The Liberals were expected to be front runners in the 2014/12/06 Fisher by-election to find a replacement for Bob Such. In fact they were trounced by Labor.


If the SA Liberals stick with their anti-renewables policy they are not likely to get into government in the next election and even if they were to get in they would probably be thrown out, like the Victorian Liberals, at the following election.