Crystal Brook Energy Park Supporters

The world must act on climate change and act urgently. The people of Crystal Brook and district have the choice of embracing that action or we could say action on climate change is needed, but it should be somewhere else.

We who support the Crystal Brook Energy Park will be able to tell our children and grandchildren that we did what we could to minimise the damage to the world that we passed on to them.

This page was written 2017/08/10
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Wind turbines at Jamestown
Jamestown wind turbines
Broken Hill Solar Farm
Solar farm
The people who support the energy park love the natural world the way it is, we are betting that you do too. Climate change will cause huge damage.

Some of the supporters are old, they will not suffer from the damage, but they know that their grandchildren, and yours, certainly will.

If the proposed Crystal Brook Energy Park is built it will result in a reduction of around six hundred thousand tonnes of greenhouse carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere each year, slowing climate change and reducing the damaging acidification of our oceans. It will include solar power, wind power and a big battery, a great combination.

It will be an excellent sustainable development in our community for a number of reasons.

Neoen, the company that will build and run the energy park, have promised $80,000 each year for community development projects.

There will be many jobs and work for local contractors during construction. There will be five to seven full time jobs; that is not trivial in a small country town. There will be increased activity and turnover for many local businesses.

The world faces a choice between fossil fuels – coal mines, fracking for gas, air pollution that kills millions of people each year world-wide – or clean, green, renewable energy. We know which way we want the world to go, what about you?

The Crystal Brook Energy Park will be something that all local people who care about the future of their community and planet can be very proud of.

How can you help support this wonderful development?

Place a supporter's sign on your front fence. Contact David Clarke (email, phone 0400 256 125)

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