The Ramblings of a Bush Philosopher: Australian section

Ethics: relating particularly to Australia

Australian Aborigines and justice, some thoughts
PM Abbott and morality
Apology from Australia
Ashamed to be Australian?
Carmichael Mine: implications
Ethical Government
Greenhouse and Australia
Liberal Party's war on renewables
Right side of history
The salt they add to our foods
Science denial
A treaty in the Constitution; some thoughts
What can you do to reduce greenhouse emissions?
What matters? in climate change and government

Ethics: not relating to Australia

Bread; how much salt does it contain?
Evaporation reduction methods
How credible is Andrew Bolt?
The salt they add to our foods
Travelling with your dog
What I have learned about some products
Wind power in Australia
Photo galleries...

Beetaloo Dam, 2014
Clare Valley, 2007
Coober Pedy: photos and observations, 2016
Central NSW, March-April 2017
South eastern SA and Victoria, 2018
Victoria, autumn 2019
Flinders Ranges, 2020
  Flinders Ranges, 2006
  Flinders Ranges, 2019
Kangaroo Island, 2003
Kangaroo Island, 2009
'Across the Nullarbor', 2009
South eastern Australia, November 2016

   Wind farms...
Canunda/Lake Bonney, 2006
Hallett, 2008
Mount Millar, 2006
Snowtown, 2008
Starfish Hill, 2007
Victoria, 2008
Wattle Point, 2007

   Older photo galleries... (Small images)
Clare area, 2002
Kangaroo Island, 2003
Tasmania, 2002
Wildflowers, 2002
From an ethical point of view...

The Abbott Government
  PM Abbott's chief advisor, Maurice Newman
  PM Abbott and morality
Ashamed to be Australian?
Australian Governments: failings and crimes
Australia leads the world
Carmichael Mine: implications
Celia Hammond, MP for the seat of Curtin
Climate change skepticism or ignorance?
Crime against humanity
Democracy's fraud
Exporting death
Failings and crimes of Australian Governments
How green are our politicians?
Liberal Party's war on renewables
Open letter to politicians on climate change
Free speech in the Public Service
Independent politicians
The Morrison Government
   Angus Taylor, energy minister
PM Morrison, enemy of God?
Most undemocratic act ever
Ramsey, Rowan, Member for Grey
Resolving international disagreements
The failings of the Rudd Government
Science denial
South Australia's container deposit
Taylor, Angus, member of parliament for Hume
The Turnbull Government
PM Turnbull comes out
Use your vote, Vote smart
What matters? in climate change and government
What should government do to reduce emissions?
Why a US alliance?

Ashamed to be Australian?
Bitch, minor annoyances
Is Australia the most dog-unfriendly country?
Failings in the Australian legal system
Sustainable community

Art experts, who are they?
Australian Aborigines and justice, some thoughts
Bread; how much salt does it contain?
Bitch, minor annoyances
Build a cellar to cut cooling costs
Is Australia the most dog-unfriendly country?
Land for sale
Lions Gleeson Wetlands, Clare
Notre Dame Uni; how good an education?
Short pieces on many matters
Southern Phone's standards have slipped
Poor service from Telstra
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Australian media

"Australia has the most restrictive media in the western world. Censorship by omission denies Australians their democratic right to make sense of whole stratas of political and foreign policy. That's why Green Left Weekly is a beacon, doing a job of honourable journalism, as an agent of people, not power."
John Pilger

An example of shockingly biased, anti-renewable reporting, I hesitate to call it journalism, from The Australian. The Murdoch media in general is biased toward big business and against environment.

Feature page...
Australia's energy future

Master index of Australian Ramblings

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For specific wind farms see Wind farm index
Entries on pages of this site...
Acacia callamifolia
Acacia notabilis
Acacia pendula
Acacia pycnantha
Admirals Arch
Admirals Arch
Advantages of wind power
Adverse effects of climate change
Agricultural pyrolysis
Air navigation lights
Airport security
Alyogyne huegelii
American River
Annular generator
Anti-terrorism laws
Apple trees
Apricot trees
Aquifers as tanks
Are other countries abandoning wind power
Armagh photographs
Art experts
Australia Israel and Palestine
Australia and climate change responsibility
Australia and the Iraq War
Australian Landscape Guardians
Australian electricity consumption
Australian subservience to USA
Australian temperature record
Australians do not care about greenhouse
Avocado trees
Balance in sustainable energy rebates
Base load
Bats killed by wind turbines
Baudin Beach
Betz Limit
Bird deaths from wind turbines
Bottlebrush trees
Bottles and energy
Brachychiton acerifolius
Bunya pine trees
Bushfire refuge
CO2 and wind farms
CO2 reduction from one wind turbine
CO2 released from wind-farm concrete
CO2 released per MWh - coal
Callitris columellaris
Can a wind farm change the local climate
Can wind farms affect rainfall
Can wind farms affect temperatures
Can wind power provide base-load
Capacities of conventional power stations
Capacity factor
Capacity factors of wind farms-graph
Cape Linois
Cape Willoughby
Cape Willoughby
Carbon intensity
Carbon offsets
Carbon tax
Casuarina stricta
Ceratonia siliqua
Ceres Project
Change Australia
Cherry trees
Chestnut trees
Christian Sharia Law
Chronology of wind farm construction
Citrus trees
Climate and Health Alliance
Climate change argument
Climate change at Clare
Climate change denial
Climate change denial in Liberal Party
Climate change in Australia
Coal and slavery
Community garden
Community investment in wind energy
Community self-sufficiency
Companion travel
Complimentary medicine
Community wind farms
Constitution Hill
Contraction and convergence
Coral Pea
Corporate political donations
Cost of desalination
Cost of fuel
Cost of wind-powered desalination
Creeping Boobialla
CsvToHtml software
Culling Kangaroo Island koalas
Cygnet River
Cygnet River
David Hicks
Desalination data from Internet
Desalination power consumption
Disadvantages of desalination
Do environmentalists oppose wind farms
Do turbines frighten animals
Do wind farms get government money
Does wind replace coal
Domestic PV generation
Dr Laurie's errors
Dr Laurie's ridiculous demand
Duty free alcohol
Dying languages
Earthquakes and wind turbines
East Timor
Easy image
Economists and greenhouse
Efficiency of wind turbines
Electric car
Electricity generation: government
Electricity generation costs
Embodied CO2
Embodied energy
Emissions trading scheme
End of gas
Energy audit
Energy consumed in wind farm construction
Energy efficient home
Energy return on investment
English oak
Environmental causes of illness
Equitable sharing of the atmosphere
Esperance wind farms
Ethanol from corn
Ethanol from sugar cane
Ethics of adding salt to food
Eucalypt trees
Eucalyptus camaldulensis
Eucalyptus cladocalyx
Eucalyptus globulus
Eucalyptus leucoxcylon
Eucalyptus maculata
Eucalyptus porosa
Evidence of climate change at Clare
Evidence of past climate change
Evolution of wind turbines
Example wind power generation graph
Exhaust noise
Extinction from the oceans
Extradition between states
Eye glasses – good value
Eyre Peninsula wind project
Fee to landowner for wind turbine
Feijoa trees
Ficus carica
Fig trees
Fire hazard without wind farms
Flame tree
Flinders Chase Farm
Fossil fuel electricity in perspective
Fossil fuel subsidies continue
Fossil fuel subsidy
Four-wheel drive favour
Free speech: Introduction
Freedoms in Australia
Fruit trees
Funding the states
General bitches
Geosequestration: cost
Geothermal power
Golden Age
Gossipium sturtii
Government actions to reduce greenhouse
Grass tree
Green label
Greenhouse: what should be done
Greenhouse gas saving
Greenhouse refugees
Guava trees
Gum trees
Gun control
Habeas corpus
Hallett #1
Hallett #2
Hallett #3
Hallett #4
Hallett #5
Hallett wind farms
Hanson Bay
Hardenbergia violacea
Hardenbergia violacea Alba
Health problems without wind farms
High voltage direct current
Home heating and cooling
How does wind power compare to roof-top solar
How much electricity do wind farms generate
Howard ally of terrorists
In town without my car
Income and climate change
Industrial actions to reduce greenhouse
Installed capacity
Installed wind power in Victoria
International Court of Justice
Iraq war, why
Is solar better than wind
Is there a purpose
Kangaroo paw
Katabatic wind
Kelly Hill Caves
Kennedya nigricans
King George Beach
Kingscote sunrise
Kiwi fruit
Kyoto Protocol
Lack of transmission lines
Lake Bonney wind farms
Land clearing
Land values and wind farms
Law for rich and for poor
Level playing field
Liberal party opposed to climate change action
Light aircraft and wind turbines
Limits to wind turbine size
List of Australian MPs
List of Australian Senators
Litigation paranoia
Little Sahara
Little Sahara
Little action on climate change
Loquat trees
Low-level nuclear waste dump
Machiavellian politics
Major wind farms in Australia
Major wind farms in Australia-table
Making Australia a terrorist target
Mallee box
Mandatory Renewable Energy Target
Matching generation with demand
Melaleuca lanceolata
Methanol from wood waste
Mind-numbing work
Minimum operational wind speed
Minimum wind speed for full output
Misuse of English
Morality in government
Mulberry trees, black
Murray Basin water figures
Muslim dress code
My solar power experiences
NSW Liberals caught lying
NT euthanasia law
Native hibiscus
Native pine
Native trees
Need for transmission lines
New Australian flag
New on Wind in the Bush
New opium of the masses
News on Australian wind power
No sickness in WA and Europe
Noise and wind turbines
Nuclear option
Nut trees
Oak silky
Obesity and greenhouse
Ockhams Razor
Off-grid PV applications
Off-grid PV generation
Oil from algae
Olea europaea
Olive trees
Open letter to the PM
Orange Lichen
Orchid, spider
Orchid, sun
Paper bark tree
Passive cooling by radiation
Passive home heating and cooling
Patriotism's roots
Patriotism, loyalty and nation
Patriotism: a short-sighted concept
Patriotism compared to religion
Patriotism misplaced
Paucity of information from operators
Peach trees
Pear trees
Pecan trees
Pelican feeding
Pennington Bay
Persea americana
Personal actions to reduce greenhouse
Personal self-sufficiency
Photograph resolution
Photovoltaic rebate
Pickling olives
Pine Monterey
Pinus radiata
Pistachio trees
Planting native trees
Plastic shopping bags
Plastic shopping bags
Plum trees
Political advertising at taxpayers expense
Pork Barrelling
Portland wind project
Power curve of a wind turbine
Power generating costs, comparative
Power generation of wind farms
Power interconnectors
Power purchase agreement
Power transmission, long distance
Productive wind speeds
Prospect Hill
Protecting the whales
Prunus armeniaca
Pumped-hydro matching generation with demand
Pumped hydro in SA
Pumped storage at Cathedral Rocks
Quercus robur
Quince trees
Rainfall correlations - NSW
Rainfall correlations - SA
Rainfall correlations at Crystal Brook
Ravine des Casoars
Red gum
Remarkable Rocks
Remarkable Rocks
Renewable energy
Research into wind turbines and health
Rock anchor
Rotor diameter
Runoff will be less in future
SA Liberal wind farm policy
SA Water consumption
Salt levels in bread
Salt load in rivers
Science - only when convenient
Scott Cove
Scott Cove
Seal Bay
Seal Bay
Seismic waves from wind turbines
Sequestration in peat
Sequestration in trees
Shadow flicker
Shut down wind speed
Small wind disadvantaged
Snelling Beach
Snowtown Wind Farm Stage 2
Solar complements wind
Solar credits scheme
Solar power failure
Solar power in Australia
Solar power in Australia: a historical snapshot
Solar power stations 25kW and greater
Solar powered evaporative air cooling
Solar water heating
Some Australians are exemplary
Something wrong with society
South Australian blue gum
South Australian wind farms
Specious greenhouse argument
Spencer Gulf Desalinator
Sport, the opium of the masses
Spotted gum
State and private schools: funding
Statement by 43 former leaders
Stem cell research
Stokes Bay
Stones for water conservation
Storing electricity
Sturt's desert rose
Sugar gum
Survival wind speed
Sweet potato
TV reception and wind turbines
Taiwan Independence
Tasmania East
Tasmania North
Tasmania South
Tasmania West
Tasmanian blue gum
Tea-tree black
Tennant Creek wind farm
The contradiction in patriotism
The great fallacy
The right to make errors
They've won!
Three types of people
Tibet and China
Tidal power
Too small to make a difference
Transition Towns
Tree guard
Tree guard, mesh
Trees: growing them in Clare
True cost of coal
True cost of water
Twenty percent by 2020
Two competing theories
Typical wind turbine-illustration
UN Protocol on Torture
Ultimate in self-indulgence
Vehicle payload ratio
Victorian laws
Victorian wind power laws
Vines and creepers
Visiting SA wind-farms
Voluntary euthanasia
Walking school bus
Walnut trees
Water restrictions
Water supply on Eyre Peninsula
Wattle, golden
Wattle, notable
Waubra Foundation
Wave-powered desalination
Wave power
Wealth gap
Western Australian wind farms
Western River Cove
What has Iraq war achieved
What if Dr Laurie got her way
What is art
What is it like to be a bat
Where is wind desalination in use
Whistleblower and airports
White roofs
Whom should we fear
Why I don't believe wind turbines cause illness
Why be ashamed of Australia
Why do bakers add salt to bread
Why do so few support greenhouse action
Why does wind power need subsidies
Why try to be more self-sufficient
Will Australia reach 20% by 2020
Wind Turbines and health
Wind farm
Wind farm effect on tourism
Wind farms on Kangaroo Island
Wind farms under construction
Wind forecasting
Wind power generation in WA
Wind power in Australia
Wind power in NSW
Wind power in Queensland
Wind power in SA
Wind power in Tasmania
Wind power in Victoria
Wind power in WA
Wind power problems
Wind speed range of turbines
Wind turbine
Wind turbine litter
Wind turbines and sailing ships
Wood fuelled vehicles
Worst enemy of the people
Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata
Yeah, no