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Celia Hammond; liar or surprisingly ignorant?

Celia Hammond has been preselected as the Liberal candidate for the Australian federal seat of Curtin, at the time of writing soon to be vacated by Julie Bishop.

Professor Hammond is attempting to come into politics from the Vice Chancellorship of Notre Dame University in Western Australia, where she was previously Head of the School of Law. You would hope that such a person would be well informed and have high moral standards; for that matter, you would hope than all aspiring politicians would be well informed on such a fundamentally important subject for the Australian people and the world's future as climate change.

This page was written 2019/03/19, modified 2019/04/23
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Red stringybark trees suffering from an exceptionally hot and dry summer and autumn
Red stringybark
Photo taken in Spring Gully Conservation Park, 2008/05/11. There was an exceptionally hot and dry summer and autumn in that year, causing the last remnant of red stringybark trees in South Australia to defoliate. This is just one impact of climate change in Australia; it happens to be within a few kilometres of my home in the Clare Valley of SA.

Liberals snub Julie Bishop's request

Andrew Tillett, writing in the Financial Review, 2019/03/11 stated that Liberal preselectors ignored long serving and popular Minister for Foreign Affaires and deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop's request for a moderate candidate. Ms Bishop felt that a moderate would better aligned with the progressive views of local voters than a right-wing candidate.
Professor Hammond was the subject of an article in The Australian in mid March 2019.

The article stated that she rejected scientific opinion that the burning of fossil fuels was the main factor behind global warming. She was quoted as saying:

"I believe man has contributed in some way to climate change – the exact extent is probably very minimal"
The reporter then asked whether her ­belief was backed by scientific evidence. She said:
"I don’t believe it goes against the science. There is a lot of science and a lot of contradictory science."
All well informed readers will be aware that the science on the causes of climate change is well settled. For Professor Hammond to say that it is contradictory is either a lie or an admission of gross ignorance on the subject; see my page on Why accept climate science?

Well suited for a position in the Federal Liberal front bench

While Professor Hammond's background is in law, surely it strains any thinking person's credulity that with her university background she could be this ignorant of the science around such a fundamentally important subject.

The article in The Australian came out just a few days after tens of thousands of Australian kids, and enormously more in about a hundred countries around the world, seemingly all much better informed than Professor Hammond, took a day off school or university to strike for action on climate change.

Professor Hammond, with her abysmal ignorance or denial of science will be well suited to a position on a Morrison led opposition front bench following the May election.

I have argued elsewhere that to oppose action on climate change is a crime against humanity and that when a person in a position of power knowingly lies to slow action on climate change he or she is a party to the greatest crime in the history of humanity. On present indications, Professor Hammond aims to be one such person.


What does this tell us about Notre Dame University?

The fact that a past vice chancellor and head of the School of Law at a Western Australian university either has a very low standard of honesty or is very poorly informed cannot reflect well on that university. Professor Hammond was vice-chancellor for 11 years, roughly 2008-2019.

Climate science denier Christopher Monckton invited to Notre Dame

Notorious climate science denier Christopher Monckton was invited to speak at Notre Dame back in 2011. Professor Hammond was vice-chancellor at the time, so it seems likely that she would have been the source of the invitation.

What does this tell us about the federal Liberal party in 2019?

Of course there is no surprise in any one person among the federal Liberals being a science denier, but what is more telling is that this particular science denier was selected by a panel of federal Liberals who must have been aware of her apparently wilful ignorance. It suggests that even in 2019 the party is still dominated by people who are incapable of accepting climate science and the fact that most Australians want action to reduce climate changing emissions.

Is Professor Hammond making a choice she will regret?

I have asked on another page on this site "Why would you do that?" Why would anyone choose to go down in history as a liar and a criminal by dishonestly trying to stop desperately needed action to reduce the climate change disaster? Are the very temporary and selfish gains worth it? Surely there are more important things in life than income and position; things such as contribution to one's society and ethical standards?

Professor Hammond contacted for comment

I sent a Facebook message to Professor Hammond informing her of this page and inviting comment on 2019/03/19.

After not receiving a response I contacted Professor Hammond in a Facebook message again on 2019/03/22.

Professor Hammond may not have an easy run

In spite of the fact that Curtin has been considered a safe seat for the Liberals the coming election could see some surprises. Andrew Tillett, in the Financial Review, 2019/03/11 wrote that Perth businesswoman Louise Stewart, who made millions after selling her chain of healthcare clinics to a Canadian pharmaceutical company in 2014, confirmed over the weekend her tilt at Curtin. Ms Steward was quoted as saying:
"I've got much more progressive views than she [Professor Hammond] has. I'm not embarrassed to say I'm a feminist. I think anti-feminism, anti-abortion, no sex before marriage philosophy belongs back in the 1950s."
Ms Stewart has a Web page.

The Greens candidate for Curtin is Cameron Pidgeon.

It remains to be seen what other candidates may contest the seat, there can be no doubt that climate change deniers, like Professor Hammond, are very unpopular with the Australian people; Australians want to see a change to renewable energy.

Considering how fed-up Australians are with dishonest and/or ill-informed politicians and how out of touch Professor Hammond is with what the Australian people want she will face strong opposition from the Greens and quite possibly from GetUp!


As ignorant as Pauline Hanson?

By claiming that the present catastrophic and unprecedented rate of climate change has nothing, or very little, to do with Man's activities Professor Hammond has placed herself in a group of very ignorant people that notably includes Pauline Hanson.

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On the Internet...

The administrator of the Blot Report wrote a piece about Professor Hammond's bizarre beliefs and statements on 2019/03/19. Quoting a small part:
"Hammond has demonstrated that she either believes that all Australia’s climate scientists, the Bureau of Meteorology, and the Academy of Science are not capable of understanding the climate, or are all involved in a massive conspiracy."

Adam Morton wrote a piece for The Guardian, 2019/03/01, titled "Out on its own: Australia the only country to use climate funding to upgrade coal-fired plants".

RenewEconomy, Lip service and lies: Coalition’s response to the IPCC report; written by Joshua S Hill, 2018/10/12.

RenewEconomy, the Morrison Government's "breathtakingly stupid response to IPCC climate report", by Giles Parkinson, 2018/10/09.

Xihhua is one of many news organisations that have reported on British billionaire Sanjeev Gupta's statement that he can show that renewable are cheaper than coal for electricity generation.

The Conversation factcheck, 2017/08/14, concluded that while power from existing coal-fired power stations is cheaper than new-built wind power, "as things stand today – wind power would be cheaper than coal as a new-build source of electricity." Prices for wind and particularly solar PV power continue to fall.

The Conversation reported that "Big firms voice lack of faith in ‘cumbersome’ and ‘impractical’ Emissions Reduction Fund", while Environment Minister Melissa Price wanted to continue with it.


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