Why drop the big electricity retailers?

The big electricity retailers, AGL, Energy Australia and Origin, are behaving unethically, they are damaging our environment, polluting the atmosphere, adding to climate change and ocean acidification and cheating people who have chosen to install solar power. Drop them and buy your electricity elsewhere.

Written 2014/07/26, modified 2018/05/28
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Why drop the big electricity retailers?


Partial change of view, May 2018

AGL is the biggest greenhouse gas polluter in Australia, but it has made (admittedly inadequate) commitments to (eventually) close down its coal-fired power stations and it is strongly supporting the closure of the Liddell coal-fired power station against strong opposition from the coal lobby, the Turnbull government in particular.

AGL is at least 'talking the talk', if not entirely 'walking the walk'.

  1. They are pushing for the Renewable Energy Target (RET) to be reduced. The Abbott Government axed the carbon tax so it is imperative that Australia now has a strong RET if we are to reduce our very high levels of greenhouse emissions.
  2. They are unfairly penalising solar households by adding fees for people who have behaved responsibly and installed solar power. If they are to penalise anyone it should be those who irresponsibly use air conditioning rather than energy conservation such as insulation. Heavy air conditioner power consumption pushes up peak demand and increases infrastructure costs for everyone. Solar power reduces peak power demand and lowers the strain on power transmission infrastructure.
  3. They are involved in coal mining and they generate and sell polluting fossil fuel electricity.
  4. They are simply dishonest. They try to convince people that they are supporting renewable energy at the same time that they are undermining it. Their campaign of misrepresentation is similar to that of the tobacco industry.

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What about my solar feed-in tariff?

You will not lose your government solar feed-in tariff by changing your electricity retailer. Don't take my word for it, make your own inquiries.

Why change to Momentum Energy?


Or Diamond Energy or PowerShop

Diamond Energy is another alternative to the big three. I have changed one of my three electrical connections to Diamond Energy (2015/04/08).

PowerShop is another option if you are in NSW or Victoria.

First I need to say that I have no financial connection with Momentum Energy other than an electricity supply agreement. I had not even heard of them until a few days before writing this page. I discovered them when I started looking for alternative electricity retailers to the big ones. (I used to buy my electricity from AGL.)

Tasmania, which has a far higher percentage of renewable electricity than any other state, has been hurt by the Abbott Government's axing of the carbon tax. Hydro Tasmania, who own Momentum Energy, generate most of Tasmania's electricity using hydro and wind power. By switching your energy retailer to Momentum Energy you will:

  1. Take profits away from the unethical big retailers;
  2. Undo a little of the damage that the axing of the carbon tax has done to Tasmania's economy;
  3. Be assured that the electricity you are buying is clean and green;
  4. Move Australia a little closer to being a responsible global citizen;
  5. Show the Abbott Government and the fossil fuel lobby that we, the people, have power and want a responsible Australia.
If you receive a feed-in tariff from your state government this will continue when you change your retailer. (You might like to check on this before you change, but it is true for my state, SA.) However, Momentum Energy themselves only pay 6c/kWh (in addition to passing on the government payment); some others pay more. Diamond Energy pays 8c/kWh.


While you are about it:
  1. Consider taking your money away from the big 4 banks who are investing in coal mining and coal ports that will damage the Great Barrier Reef;
  2. If you have shares, make sure that you are investing responsibly.