Free land on Yorke Peninsula


Stop Press 5th March 2013

Oh! Bad luck. It seems that since reading my page about their claims, HF are only promising land price cuts "from 30%". But still, that's a very nice discount!
Would you like a free block of land on one of South Australia's most popular holiday regions? Heartland Farmers, a group of farmers who have (or claim to have) the best interests of the Yorke Peninsula at heart, have said that land values will decline by from 30% to 100% when the Ceres Wind Farm is built.

Not only that, but this too!
Build a wind turbine on your place and keep chemical spray away!
Crop spraying
None of this within 3km; take Heartland Farmers' word for it, I would.

Not only big discounts on land prices, but Heartland Farmers have discovered that if you build a wind turbine on your property aerial spray planes will not spray their nasty chemicals within 3km of your place.

I wonder if a wind turbine would keep mosquitos away too?