How green are our members of parliament?

The car a person drives is a fair indication of how seriously he/she takes environmental matters

Contact: email me at daveclarkecb@yahoo.com
Created 2007/06/01

I have listed on this page the cars usually driven by all those Australian federal parliamentarians on whom I have data.

Any more information would be appreciated (please give the source of the information. Email address above.) I intend to chase up more politicians as I get the time.

Survey Results


In alphabetical order by surname

Lyn AllisonADToyota Prius Responded to my email
Andrew BartlettAD  Inquiry sent by email, no response
Bob BrownAGHybrid From article in newspaper
Christine MilneAGToyota Prius Responded to my email
Andrew MurrayAD  Inquiry sent by email, no response
Kerry NettleAGHybrid From article in newspaper
Kevin RuddALPHybrid Publicly stated his intent to change from 4WD to hybrid
Rachel SiewertAGHybrid From article in newspaper
Natasha Stott-DespojaAD  Inquiry sent by email, no response

Political party abbreviations...
AD, Australain Democrats
AG, Australian Greens
ALP, Australian Labor Party

Also see South Australian Parliamentarian's cars in my page on the failings and crimes of South Australian governments.