A confederation of independent politicians and candidates

Written 2006/07/17, modified 2011/08/17
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Political parties are, by their nature, likely to attract corruption in the form of bribes, especially given the campagn donation scheme that exists in Australia. Australia's major political parties, Liberal, Labor and National, have become corrupt. They are blatently doing the bidding of big business and religious lobby groups and have lost almost all indication of ethical behaviour. The ALP is, of course, also controlled to some extent by the unions who have a strong hand on the purse strings. So far as I know the Greens are still largely 'clean'.

Independent politicians and minor parties are also open to bribes, but if they become corrupt they are easier to get rid of than are large parties.

But how to become known if you are an aspiring independent political candidate? I suggest setting up a confederation of independent candidates that will be devoted to helping the Australian public know their potential politicians. There are honest women and men out there, but we need to change the system so that they can get into parliament without loosing their morality.

There is an Internet site dedicated to helping independent candidates and politicians to become known, see Ican On Line. Thanks to the independent member for Fisher, Bob Such, for informing me about this Internet site.

Your Voice Australia aims to help Australians find political candidates. As of May 2007 it seems rudimentary.

Those who, like me, are greatly concerned about climate change and, like me, believe that neither Labor nor Liberal/National will do enough about it might look at the Climate Change Coalition site.

The Socialist alliance is a group that might also be worth considering rather than voting for the major parties.

In South Australia Mark Parnell is a the only Australian Greens Member of the Legislative Council.

Following the March 2010 election in South Australia there were three independent members of the House of Assembly: Geoff Brock was member for Frome, Bob Such was the member for Fisher (email address, fisher@parliament.sa.gov.au), and one of two independents were in the running for Mount Gambier, but at the time of writing (21st March 2010) which would get in was undecided.