Australia leads the world

Australia leads the world – in resisting action on climate change

Written 2015/07/13
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At one time I was proud of this, my country!

Morwell coal mine fire, February 2014
Hazelwood fire
Image credit 350.org
This wind farm produces electricity without the air pollution
Waterloo Wind Farm, 
Waterloo Wind Farm, Mid North South Australia
The Abbott Government of Australia is obsessed with coal, a commodity that is one of the main causes of climate change and ocean acidification, causes the death of millions of people each year by the air pollution it produces, and is economically a dead end.

Ever since the Abbott Government came to power in September 2013 they have done all they can to destroy my country's renewable energy industry because it has been too successful in competing with the coal industry.

In doing so they have made all decent Australians, who want their country to be a respected member of the world's nations, ashamed.

They have made Australia an outstanding example of what a nation should not be in the twenty-first century.

Future generations will look back at Australia and ask, "how could those people have been so short-sighted, so uncaring, so selfish, so stupid, so corrupt, so blind?"

Fortunately, I can say that my state, South Australia, has a much better record than the nation as a whole. It has gone from practically no renewable energy in 2003 to about 35% wind energy and 5% solar in 2015. Another small but very bright spot is the Australian Capital Territory, which has a target of 90% renewable energy by 2020.

How much more could be done in this country with its wonderful wind and solar resources if there was a political will! Instead of leading the world in exactly the wrong direction, we could be setting a wonderful example of ethical behaviour and at the same time have a thriving economy based on leading edge renewable energy industries.

Australia has been ranked 57th of 61 countries in a climate change performance index. If our present government has its way we will be 61st.