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What's new(s) on wind power in Australia

This page will show developments in wind power in Australia as I hear of them with links for more information. Significant changes and additions to 'Wind in the Bush' will also be noted here. If any readers know of recent significant developments not on these pages I'd be pleased to hear about them.

Created 2010/08/25
Contact: email daveclarkecb@yahoo.com
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Wind in the Bush aims to be the most informative, comprehensive, and up-to-date pages on Australian wind power and wind farms. The author is not beholden to any company, lobby group, or government. *

Australian wind power news


After very little to report since Abbott, it seems that there is more afoot on the wind farm front again: see Yandin Wind Farm, WA; Stockyard Hill, Victoria; and Silverton Wind Farm, NSW.


After a long and depressing period of little news because of the Abbott Government's war on renewable energy we are now seeing some action again, following the settling of the shamefully down-sized Renewable Energy Target.

Construction dates have been announced for the Ararat Wind Farm in Victoria and the White Rock Wind Farm in NSW. Construction started today on Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm.

Final approval for Bulgana Wind Farm was granted.

Something important that I missed until now was that Cape Nelson North and Cape Sir William Grant" wind farms, near Portaland, Vic., were completed back in March.

April 2015

Council of Canadian Academies, Understanding the Evidence: Wind Turbine Noise Found evidence of a causal relationship between exposure to wind turbine noise and annoyance and possibly sleep disturbance. Insufficient evidence of any other link with health.


ACT Government announced a power purchase agreement with three wind farms to supply electricity toward their target of 90% renewables by 2020. The wind farms were Ararat, Coonooer Bridge, both in Victoria, and Hornsdale, in SA.


Health Canada released a report showing, basically, that wind turbines are harmless.

Stony Gap Wind Farm has been approved by the courts after a long battle.


600MW proposed wind farm on King Island, TasWind scrapped by Hydro Tasmanis.

Mid-North SA's wind farms make the region carbon-negative.


Mount Mercer WF is now operating.

Boco Rock WF expected to start generating soon.


Granville Harbour WF approved


Flyers Creek Wind Farm receives approval from the NSW Planning Assessment Commission.


Snowtown 2 Wind Farm passes half-way mark; 46 of intended 90 turbines now in operation.


Australian National Health and Medical Research Council reports on wind farms and health.


The giant 197-turbine Ceres Project on Yorke Peninsula has had approval from the SA Government.


Big (up to 110 turbines) wind farm proposed for near Lake George. Canberra Times


First foundations poured at Boco Rock WF, in what is to be NSW's biggest wind farm.


New wind farm proposed for Granville Harbour in Tasmania.

A more equible benefit arangement for wind farm neighbours has been proposed by Trust Power for their mooted Palmer Wind Farm in SA.

Goldwind announced first power to the grid at Gullen Range Wind Farm.


41% of SA's wind power was generated by wind turbines in the third quarter of 2013.


Keyneton Wind Farm was approved by the SA Government.


Collector Wind Farm approved in NSW


Cherry Tree Wind Farm approved in Victoria

South Australian EPA reports on sound levels at Waterloo Wind Farm


Fiona Crichton's study into positive and negative expectations on symptoms and moods relating to wind turbine sound released


Palmer Wind Farm, to consist of up to 130 x 3MW turbines, proposed about 50km east of Adelaide.


Pacific Hydro announced funding for its Portland Wind Energy Project.


Liberals release energy policy; more power to coal, gas and nuclear; and making it harder for renewables.


Bodangora Wind Farm receives approval from NSW Planning Assessment Commission.

The AEMO has reported that in 2012/13 27% of South Australia's electricity was generated by wind power.

Modifications to the proposed SA Barn Hill Wind Farm have been approved.


Construction to start on Ararat Wind Farm in September.

International Monetary Fund gives figures for the huge subsidies going to the Australian fossil fuel industries.


Early work construction on Boco Rock Wind Farm (NSW) has started.


The first of the 90 turbines of Snowtown Stage 2 (SA) is in place.

Union Fenosa Australia have announced that early construction works at Berrybank (Vic.) will commence this month.


Sapphire Wind Farm has been approved.


Conditional approval has been given for a part of Flat Rocks Wind Farm in southern WA.


King Island vote on whether to go to the feasibility stage of the 200-turbine wind farm was 59% in favour. Hydro Tasmania has said that it will go ahead. Reported on ABC On-line news earlier today.


Canberra anti-wind rally was a flop and was dwarfed by a pro-renewables rally held the same day; see here.

Waterloo Wind Farm Stage 2 gets the go-ahead from local council.

2013/06/14: new ownership model

Coonooer Wind Farm, proposed in the Bendigo area, is to have a hybrid community/corporate ownership.

2013/05/02: Wind farm operating

It seems that Mumbida Wind Farm in WA is operational.

2013/04/30: Construction starts

It was announced today that earthworks had begun on Lal Lal Wind Farm.

2013/04/24: First power

ABC on-line news, 2013/04/23, reported that Musselroe Wind Farm was "feeding power into the state's electricity grid for the first time".

Evidence on land values

Now that there are over fifty wind farms in Australia it is possible to show that wind farms do not adversely impact land values by looking at data supplied by the real estate industry.

Two new informative documents

Fiona Crichton (et. al.) has published a study showing that people who are under the impression that they will become ill due to infrasound, and are then told that they are being subjected to infrasound, are likely to experience adverse symptoms.

Simon Chapman (et. al.) has published a study on the history of health and noise complaints.


Youth of the Year speech; a young person's view on a nearby wind farm. This is so different to the rubbish that comes from the typical wind power opponent, who is typically at least 50 years old and willing to repeat anything that seems to support their preconceptions.


NSW Farmers have released a Guide for farmers regarding wind farms. The guide is generally positive.

Carmodys Hill Wind Farm planning permit renewal refused by local council.

9 wind power lies in one sentence

Would-be PM Abbott's chief advisor squeezes nine fallacies about wind power into one sentence. This surprised me. What amazed me though, was that no-one else seemed surprised. Have we sunk so low?

New report on infrasound by SA EPA

The South Australian Environment Protection Agency reported that nearby wind turbines do not add significantly to infrasound in houses. Dr Sarah Laurie was interviewed regarding this, tried to play-down the report's results, and in the process made several serious errors.

Construction starts on Victorian wind farm

On-ground works have started at Mount Mercer.

Upgrade interconnector

ABC News 2013/01/17 announced that ElectraNet is to "upgrade the Heywood substation and reconfigure the south-eastern [South Australian] network at a cost of $108 million". This will "pave the way for more South Australian wind energy to be transferred interstate, opening the door for more investment in the technology."

Construction starts on Victorian wind farm

I hadn't noticed that construction had started on Bald Hills until yesterday.

Construction starts on NSW wind farm

Construction has started on Gullen Range Wind Farm.

Big wind farm in Bass Strait proposed

Hydro Tasmania has proposed what could be the biggest wind farm in Australia on King Island.

Origin and EnergyAustalia bag wind power

These two big electricity companies have been trying to convince Australians that development of wind power should be slowed. This should not surprise us because they are both heavily involved in the fossil fuel industry. They are probably fearful that wind power will eat into the profitablilty of their fossil-fueled power stations. The Murdoch press is, of course, lapping it up because they are heavily opposed to sustainable energy.

Chinese turbine manufacturer takes an interest in Oz

I received an email from someone from Ming Yang, just announcing their interest in getting a piece of the local action.

On ground work at SA wind farm

Roads and hardstands are being constructed at Snowtown Stage 2 Wind Farm.

Name change

TRUenergy have changed their name to Energy Australia

New community wind farm

Construction is underway on the Denmark Wind Farm on the south-west coast of WA

Wind farm opponent caught encouraging people to lie

An opponent of Waterloo Wind Farm was caught sending an email to around 100 people asking them to inform the local councils that they were suffering from sleeplessness and illnesses due to wind turbines. This was reported on Adelaide Now, 2012/10/06.

First power

The first power from Macarthur Wind Farm went into the grid over the weekend of 2012/09/29-30.

NSW government change-of-heart?

The NSW government has set a 20% renewable energy by 2020. This is greatly at odds with their previous anti-renewable energy stance. Can we believe the NSW government's apparent about-face?

Construction to start on another wind farm

Meridian Energy has announced that construction on Mount Mercer Wind Farm will commence in December.

TRUenergy appeals DAP decision
Victorian project abandoned

TRUenergy has appealed the Development Assessment Panel's decision to disallow Stony Gap Wind Farm.

I've heard on the grapevine that Origin have abandoned the Lexton Wind Farm.

Planning permission refused on one wind farm, contract signed on another, and turbines possibly to be shut down overnight on a third

A Development Assessment Panel refused approval for Stony Gap Wind Farm in SA, Trust Power signed up Siemens to build Snowtown Stage 2, also in SA; while in Queensland legal action over noise might force the sutting down of three turbines overnight at Windy Hill (commissioned in 2000).

NSW wind farm approved, WA proposal dropped

White Rock Wind Farm has received government approval.

The proposed Clifton Wind Farm in WA has been dropped due to community opposition (much of which was based on missinformation and ignorance);

Two big wind farms

Verve have stated their intention of building the 250MW Warragarge Wind farm in WA and the Hornsdale WF in SA has received approval from the Minister.

New community wind farm proposed

An 8-turbine 6.4MW wind farm is proposed at Freemantle, WA

SE SA wind farm approved

It was announced today that the 153 turbine Woakwine Wind Farm received approval by the final council involved.

Progress on Hornsdale

On 2012/05/24 the SA Development Assessment Commission resolved to recommend that the minister approve Hornsdale Wind Farm in Mid North South Australia.


Pacific Hydro's Clements Gap Wind Farm is back online after maintenance work on the substation.

REVE announced that Trustpower has applied to SA's Essential Services Commission for permission to go ahead with Snowtown Stage 2.

Origin getting serious about Stockyard Hill?

Origin are requesting proposals about their huge Stockyard Hill Wind Farm.

Taralga WF construction

Wind Power Intelligence announced that Taralga Wind Farm construction had started; but there are questions.

Snowtown 2 construction close

Trust Power have produced a media release for Snowtown Stage 2 Wind Farm. It will consist of 90 Siemens 3MW turbines in two separate groups. Trust Power has a power purchase agreement with Origin. Together, Snowtown 1 and Snowtown 2, will be the second biggest wind farm in Australia (following Macarthur).

Local warming from turbines

Nature Climate Change published a paper recording local warming due to some big Texan wind farms. It is important to note that this warming is very local and is due to the redistribution of heat in different layers in the air, it is not a net heating and is quite distinct from global warming.

Dandaragan gets approval

Dandaragan, at 513MW, if built in the near future, will be the biggest in Australia. Macarthur, under construction in Victoria, will be 420MW.

Origin drop wind farm

Origin have dropped the Crystal Brook Wind Farm that got Dr Sarah Laurie started on her ill-advised campaign.

Lights off at Waubra

48 of the 128 turbines at Waubra are fitted with air navigation lights; they are to be switched off.

Unintended consequences

The Victorian 2km exclusion zone law has had the consequence of the construction of five wind farms being brought foreward; and the unintended consequences don't stop there.

AGL has bought the rights to Silverton Wind Farm and intends to start construction in 2013. Reported by The Age and REVE.

SA's wind power gets ahead of coal

EnergyQuest announced that wind power in SA reached 26% of total electricity generation in 2011; coal made up 25%.

Pacific Hydro branches out

They are going into the electricity retailing business. "http://reneweconomy.com.au/2012/ pachydro-to-take-on-energy-retailers-at-their-own-game-91047" - no spaces in URL

AGL action in Mid North SA

First Stanwell held an information day about Barn Hill Wind Farm, then Transfield, now the latest owner, AGL, has announced an information day at Redhill on 2012/03/03.

Two wind farm approvals in Victoria

The Warrnambool Standard carried an article today announcing that ministerial approval had been given to Hawkesdale and Ryan Corner wind farms.

End of SA government support for renewable energy?

Adelaide Now carried an article announcing that Renewable Energy Commissioner Tim O'Loughlin's position has been terminated 18 months early. The Renewable Energy Fund had been scrapped earlier, with more than half being unspent.

Wind farm under construction in WA

Construction has started on Mumbida Wind Farm.

Wind farm construction date announced

Construction of Boco Rock WF is to begin in the third quarter of this year.

Epuron has a new Net site

Epuron's new Net site is Australia-based and a great improvement over the old site. Consequently most of my entries on Epuron's wind farms have been updated.

New construction announced

Acciona are to start construction of Mount Gellibrand Wind Farm in March according to an article in The Age.

Climate and Health Alliance Position Paper

The CAHA released a Position Statement on health and wind turbines today.

Isobel Redmond joins Liberal's war against renewable energy

(She is the leader of the Liberal Opposition in South Australia.) She was reported several places as saying that "[Wind power is] probably the least efficient and most unreliable of all the green energy sources". Will these lies go unrefuted by the renewable energy industry?

Major study released from USA

Massachusetts (USA) Dept. of Public Health wind turbine impact study; report by an impressive expert panel, January 2012. Difficult to summarise in a few words, but suggests no direct adverse health effects from turbines.

Pacific Hydro and CSIRO reports favourable to wind power

In November 2011 Pacific Hydro surveyed attitudes to wind energy in ten communities across Victoria, NSW and SA where wind farms were operating or proposed. The main result was 83% support, 14% opposed, 3% undecided.

A few days before the Pac. Hydro report, CSIRO released a report, "Acceptance of Rural Windfarms in Australia: a snapshot". Some of its key findings were:
1. There is strong community support for wind farms
2. There is more support than suggested by media reports
3. Wind farmers might improve acceptance by developing a 'Social licence to Operate' approach.

I have become aware that another survey of wind power acceptance was carried out for the Clean Energy Council, and while the results have not yet been officially released, the results showed in the vicinity of a 75% acceptance of wind farms.

SA Liberal policy on wind farms

SA Liberal opposition first said they will ban any turbine within 5km of any house, then changed that to 2km from a house and 5km from a town.

Construction to start on Vic. wind farm

Article in Weekly Times stating that on ground work will start on Salt Creek WF in March.

Turbine shut-down at Hallett

Sixteen of the 34 Hallett #2 Wind Farm turbines were being shut-down overnight because of noise problems. They have since been returned to full operation.

Another wind farm under construction

Goldwind has started construction on Victoria's Morton's Lane Wind Farm.

$500k grant for wind turbine noise research

Prof colin hansen of adelaide university has received a $500k Australian Research Centre grant over three-years for a project titled "Quantifying the impact of wind farm noise on rural communities"

AGL taking an interest in Silverton Wind Farm

Originally over 500 turbines were mooted for Silverton in the far west of NSW, now AGL have mentioned 80 to 100 (Barrier Daily Truth 2011/12/09).

Macarthur 50% complete

The first of 140 wind turbines has been installed at Macarthur (Vic.) Wind Farm.

Grasmere, WA, in testing phase

From Craig Carter of Verve Energy; "All six Enercon 2.3MW E-70 wind turbines have been installed are are undergoing trial operation." See Grasmere; it is an extension of Albany Wind Farm

Musselroe at last!

Hydro Tasmania will begin (re-commence?) work on Musselroe (Tas.) this month. India Infoline reported that Vestas has received an order to supply turbines.

Collgar completed

Collgar, near Merredin in the WA Wheat Belt, is now the third largest wind farm in Australia - after Hallett and Lake Bonney.

SA falls below 50%

With the completion of Collgar (doubling WA's wind power - see graph) SA has fallen to just below half of Australia's installed wind power - see graph. Installed capacity in Oz is now 2476 MW, SA has 1205 MW.

Capital 2 approved

Capital 2 WF, NSW, has received approval.


I have been on holiday for a month and a half. I'm intending to get seriously into updating these pages in the next few days and weeks, starting with looking into the reasons behind the decision to shut down the turbines at Hallett #2 wind farm overnight.

Infigen co-op owned turbine

Infigen Energy are trying to include one community owned turbine in its Flyers Creek Wind Farm.

Useful publication on wind turbine health effects

Loren D. Knopper and Christoper A. Ollson in 'Health Effects and Wind Turbines: A Review of the Literature'; Environmental Health (impact factor given as 2.45), 2011/09/14. Recommended reading. "To date, no peer reviewed articles demonstrate a direct causal link between people living in proximity to modern wind turbines, the noise they emit and resulting physiological health effects."

Hornsdale Wind Farm proposed

Investec have announced plans to build a 300 MW wind farm in SA's Mid North.

Suzlon propose new wind farm

Suzlon have proposed a big wind farm (the Ceres Project) at Ardrossan on Yorke Peninsula of South Australia.

Moyne Shire knocks back extensions for Hawkesdale and Ryan Corner

Warrnambool Standard, today
"Moyne mayor Jim Doukas said many renewable energy developers had become arrogant and believed the council decision was a warning to other project operators. He said councillors were unimpressed with how Union Fenosa consulted council and the wider community." See "http://www.standard.net.au/news/local/news/general/ moyne-shire-axes-arrogant-wind-farm-projects/2269691.aspx?storypage=1", (no spaces in URL).

Liberals don't want to do anything about climate change?

In Victoria the Liberal government has placed in force new laws that will make further wind power development very difficult. Federal, NSW, and WA Liberals have also shown indications of climate change skepticism or wanting no action on climate change.

Lights out at Snowtown

After a long delay the air navigation lights on the Snowtown WF are to be turned off progressively over August and September.

Willogoleche Hill WF gets approval

International Power had approval for 26 turbines at Willogoleche Wind Farm, but recently sought and received approval to increase that to 37 turbines.

New England community wind farm

ABC on-line news announced that "a six month study has found that there is more than enough support in the New England Region to establish a community wind farm". Eight turbines have been mooted. See Starfish enterprise network.

Senate report confuses seismic waves with infrasound

Section 2.11 of the Senate report quotes an Italian seismic paper and calls it infrasound. More at Seismic. Also see Senate inquiry into rural wind farms.

New life in old proposal

Acciona has activated the Victorian Mount Gellibrand WF proposal that has been dormant for several years. I am seeking more information.

Construction of S95 underway

Suzlon's prototype S95 turbine is being erected at Snowtown WF in SA.

First power from Bluff Range

I had an email from Tim Knill of AGL telling me that the first power flowed from Bluff Range WF into the electricity grid on 2011/06/25.

Gunning WF completed

Following an inquiry I received email notification that Acciona had completed Gunning WF in May. Acciona's Net page is still talking future tense: "Expected completion date: mid 2011".

Contract on WA wind farm

A contract for supply of turbines has been signed for Mumbida WF.

ERD Court upholds appeal against wind farm

An appeal against Allendale Wind Farm has been upheld by the Environment Resources and Development (ERD) Court on the grounds of visual amenity. Premier Rann has expressed concern on this precedent in SA Parliament.

Hepburn puts first power into the grid

More on my page, including a link to Hepburn Wind.

Senate report is out

The report by the Senate into the economic and environmental impact of rural wind farms has been released, after several delays.

First power from Collgar and Woodlawn

A press release dated 2011/05/14 stated that the first power from Collgar wind farm had been fed into the WA grid; see Collgar WF. Infigen announced that they had successfully exported electricity generated from the first of their Woodlawn wind turbines, in NSW, to the grid on 2011/06/14. First power from Bluff Range, in SA, is expected by the end of the month.

Blow to wind power on Eyre Peninsula

Eyre Peninsula is not a long way from population centres, has a huge untapped wind energy resource, but no high capacity transmission lines. An article in Adelaide Now, "http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/business/ renewable-energy-left-up-in-the-air/story-e6frede3-1226066815367" (no spaces in URL), said that a ruling by the Australian Energy Market Commission on Energy would make development of the resource in the near future much less likely.

Installed wind power per capita

South Australia has more wind power, per capita, than any nation on earth. (I know, I'm comparing apples with oranges, but it's impressive anyway.) SA is just ahead of Denmark and well ahead of any other Australian state (Tasmania is second, WA a poor third).

Big wind farm proposed for Williams, WA

Semephore Energy (who are they?) have received permission from the Shire of Williams to erect a wind monitoring mast. They have mentioned 69 turbines each 194m (sic) high and are talking $1b. There seems to be no more information available at present.

New study shows EROI for wind power about 25

A paper by Ida Kubiszewski, Cutler J. Cleveland and Peter K. Endres published in Elsevier's Renewable Energy Journal based on data from 119 wind farms showed that wind turbines produce about 25 times as much energy as is consumed in their contruction and operation. This is called the Energy Return On Investment (EROI) ratio.

Victorian wind farm approved

Chepstowe Wind Farm was approved by the relevant minister.

New prototype turbines at Hallett and Snowtown

A Suzlon S95, 2.1MW turbine is to be trialled at each of Hallett (#5, Bluff Range) and Snowtown wind farms. Suzlon claims increased yield (judging from the power curve this occurs only at low wind speeds) and improved return on investment, among other improvements.

First turbine completed at Bluff Range

The first turbine is up at AGL's Hallett #5 Wind Farm. There is a photo (via AGL's web cam) on my page.

Flurry of wind farm proposals in NSW

Wind Prospect and Epuron have recently submitted Preliminary Environmental Assessments for a number of wind farms in NSW. SA seems saturated until new transmission lines are built, Victoria's new government is making life hard for wind farmers; is NSW the only state remaining attractive? See below for more details.
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China in and out

China Datang Corp has arranged joint ventures for developing $3b worth of wind and solar in Oz in the next three years and $6b in the next eight years. See Business China. At the same time Roaring 40s Chinese joint venture partner, China Light and Power, has pulled out.

Above company to develop Taralga Wind Farm with joint venture partner CBD.

Collgar connects to the grid

Western Power announced completion of a $20m project connecting Collgar to the grid on 2011/04/20.

Collaby Hill WF becomes Crystal Brook WF

Origin have reduced the size of their proposed Collaby Hill Wind Farm and renamed it Crystal Brook Wind Farm. It was originally to consist of about 90 turbines, this became 70, and now 40. Origin have released an information sheet on their new proposal.

20% by 2020?

My calculations indicate that the rate of construction of wind farms is only about half of that required to reach Australia's stated target of 20% renewable energy by 2020.

First base poured at Macarthur

The Warrnambool Standard announced the first base was to be poured at Macarthur.

Suzlon to take over REpower

Tulsi R. Tanti, chairman and managing director of Suzlon Energy, has announced that Suzlon now owns over 95% of German wind turbine company REpower, and will move to 'sqeeze out' minor share holders to get 100% ownership. The two companies are to be operated independently for the present.

No damage to wind turbines in Japan

WWEA (World Wind Energy Association) news said that "According to data provided by the Japan Wind Power Association, no wind turbine in Japan was damaged by the recent earthquake and by the tsunami [2011/03/11]. As of the end of 2010, Japan had a total installed wind capacity of 2304 MW, with 1746 wind turbines." Apparently there was one off-shore wind farm, Kamisu, 300km from the earthquake epicenter and 40m (do they mean 40km?) from the shore. Three weeks after the quake the seven-turbine farm was operating.

Mt Barker turbines are "now spinning"

Mount Barker Wind Farm has started operating. At the same time it was on ABC on-line news that the second (and final) turbine of Hepburn Wind Farm was nearing completion.

Major new wind farm proposed in Goulburn region

Epuron have applied for planning approval for 80-100 turbine Rye Park Wind Farm near Boorowa, 50km NNW of Yass.

AGL postones $2b wind farm projects

Wind Power Monthly reported this 2011/02/24. AGL stated that the problem was low REC prices due to government inaction. "The company said the situation would remain until after 2014 or 2015. AGL chief executive Michael Fraser said the company would not commit to future wind projects until the REC market started to recover."

Epuron announces three new wind farms

In addition to the Rye Park project Epuron have apparently announced one at Glen Innes and another in the Hunter Valley. I'm trying to get more information on the latter two.

Construction close at Macarthur

ABC Western Victoria announced on 2011/02/21 that AGL will begin ground works in March and start erecting turbines in August.
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Energisation of Mount Barker WF imminent

Andrew Woodroffe, one of the directors of SkyFarming, informed me by email today that energisation is possible by 2nd of March.

Opening of Waterloo Wind Farm

Premier Mike Rann officially opened the wind farm in front of an invited audience yesterday; an open day for all comers is to be held tomorrow.

Major repair at Snowtown Wind Farm

I just happened to notice that the nacelle was missing from the top of one of the Snowtown turbines. Getting a huge crane in and removing the nacelle for repairs must be an expensive exercise.

Pro-wind campagn by Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth have started a pro wind power campagn to counter the growing anti-wind lobby. If you believe, as I do, that wind power is an important part of the answer to the climate change problem, please support the FoE campagn. Also, you can get bumper stickers, 'Wind Power. A real solution to climate change' free of charge, from cam.walker@foe.org.au.

More court cases

The ERD Court decision in favour of Mt Bryan Wind Farm has been appealed to the Supreme Court, and the proposed Allendale Wind Farm has been taken to the ERD Court by a dairy farmer.

Decline in the price of renewable energy certificates slows wind energy development

It is seeming less and less likely that Australia will reach the Federal Government's stated target of 20% renewable energy by 2020.


Suzlon and WindLab propose new wind farm in NSW

See Rugby Wind Farm

Big year for wind world-wide

From Renewable Energy World.com... "According to the latest BTM 'World Market Update' report, approximately 23 000 turbines, capable of generating more than 38 GW of wind energy, were installed worldwide in 2009, pushing the global total to a figure in excess of 160 GW – a record year for the industry.

Over the course of the year, Europe lost its title as the largest wind power continent, installing 28.2% of 2009's global capacity, down from a figure of 51% three years previous. The Americas picked up some of the slack coming in with 30% of the year's total, up from 11.3% the previous year. But far in the lead was Asia, which saw a growth rate of 59% on year, and accounted for 41% of global installations during the year."

RES's Ararat Wind Farm approved 2010/10/22

Penshurst and St Clair wind farms

RES is on about a huge wind farm near Hamilton (Penshurst) and Synergy is talking about a small wind farm near Wanthaggi (St Clair).

First turbine up at Gunning Wind Farm

The Crookwell Gazette reported today that the first turbine was completed on 12th.

Community funding

Many wind farmers provide generous community funding, so far as I have been able to find out, Meridian do not provide any for the community around their Mount Millar Wind Farm in SA, although they do fund communities in NZ. Will they donate anything toward the community around their big Macarthur Wind Farm? And I should add that, so far as I know, Infigen, Transfield, Energy Infrastructure Trust and Acciona don't provide community funding either.
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Two more Victorian wind farms approved

Moorabool and Yaloak wind farms were given the thumbs-up by the Victorian Government.

Lights turned off at Cullerin Range

The Croockwell Gazette published an article stating that the aviation lighting on the wind farm towers were switched off on November 1st, 2010. Lights had previously been switched off on Hallett and Clements Gap turbines in SA.

SA has more than half the wind power in Oz, and Mid-North SA is generating more than half SA's wind power

With Waterloo and North Brown Hill wind farms recently coming on-line SA now has more installed wind power than the whole of the remainder of Australia, and the wind farms of Mid-North SA (my home turf) are generating more power than all the other wind farms in SA combined. (I'll enjoy it while it lasts!)

Hughenden Wind Farm

Part of a visionary "clean energy corridor" proposal coming from Bob Katter, but also having Federal Minister Ferguson's name on it.

SA has more than half of Australia's installed wind power, but construction in SA is slowing and other states are set to take up the slack

At present there are 2120MW of operating wind farms in Oz, 1150MW (54%) of which is in SA. Outside of SA there are the proposed Transfield projects (below); Collgar (WA, 206MW) and Macarthur (Vic. 420MW) wind farms are under construction, construction of Musselroe (Tas. 129MW) looks like recommencing in Mid 2011 and Stockyard Hill (Vic. 471MW) has just received approval. In SA little Bluff Range (53MW) is the only wind farm under construction and there is nothing more that seems likely to be built in the near future. Crystal Brook (about 140MW), Stony Gap (about 130MW), and Barn Hill (about 150MW) will probably happen, but not very soon. SA's problem is the lack of spare capacity in transmission lines where the best wind resources are and a lack of government will to build the needed new transmission lines.

Several Transfield wind farms more likely to happen

Transfield Services are up to the flora and fauna, noise and visual impacts, cultural heritage, traffic, aeronautical and telecommunications studies stage with Baynton (Vic. 150MW?), Ben More (Vic. 130MW?), Collector (NSW 160MW?) and High Road (Qld 40MW?) wind farms. I've taken several of these projects off my never-never lists and put them on my main lists.


The development of the best of the wind resources of Eyre Peninsula, including a new 'green grid' at a total cost of $4.5b has been discussed by Tim O'Loughlin (SA Commissioner for Renewable Energy), Macquarie Capital and Premier Mike Rann. See Eyre Peninsula wind project
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What's new in 'Wind in the Bush'


Senator Sean Edwards, a man who enjoys talking down his own state's great wind energy developments, and denigrating solar as well, has been promoted to a page of his own.


A new page linking to all my pieces on Wind Energy Opposition.


David Ridgway, another Liberal politician who is using misinformation to oppose wind power in South Australia, gets his own page.


A new page addresses particularly misleading letters published opposing the Ceres wind farm on Yorke Peninsula.


My pages on groups who spread misinformation about wind farms can all be accessed from one place in my WindLinks page.

A fairly new page on Heartland Farmers, a group that is shamelessly lying in an attempt to stop the big Ceres Project wind farm being built.


Youth of the Year quest speech given by a girl who lives within 3km of a wind farm. Refreshing and positive stuff.


Some facts on the anti-wind power site Stop Keyneton Wind Farm


Some facts on the anti-wind power site Stop These Things


Angus Taylor, Liberal Federal candidate for Hume made silly statements about wind power. He said that wind power is "gobsmackingly inefficient" and "it is also clear that there are much cheaper ways to reduce carbon emissions". This page records a discussion I had with Mr Taylor.


Wind turbine noise now has its own dedicated page.


  • Letter and book on philosophy to Senator Nick Xenophon;
  • Photos from Normann Szkop showing turbines close to houses in North Holland;
  • Sleeping under turbines updates and a new experience added;
  • The record of my choice of the blatant lie of the month in regard to wind power continues;


A page on popularising wind turbines has been added to Wind in the Bush.


A page on what motivates people to oppose or support wind power has been added to Wind in the Bush.


A page on Senator John Madigan's foolish anti-wind power statements


Wind turbines save lives by displacing polluting coal-fired power.


A page on Senator Nick Xenophon's errors in his statements about wind farms and wind power. Previously I had written pages on WA Liberal Senator Chris Back and Liberal SA Federal Parliamentarian Rowan Ramsey and their anti-wind power statements.


Changes are being made all the time, but I often don't get around to including them here. Some of the more recent or important changes are:

Chronology of wind farm construction

Wind farms in Australia in chronological order.

Wind farm locations on Google Maps

The locations of operational wind farms in NSW, SA and WA can now be seen on Google Maps. (Near the top of each state page, link: "Location on Google Maps".) Clicking on 'Read more' in the pop-up boxes will get you back to the section on that wind farm in Wind in the Bush.

Liberal attitude to sustainable energy

When the SA Liberal opposition produced a flyer saying they will ban any turbine within 5km of any house I created a new page on the general attitude of the Liberals (SA, NSW, Victoria and federally) to renewable energy. (The SA Liberals later changed their policy to 2km from a house and 5km from a town.)

Wind farm construction updated

I've been through all the wind farms that are, or recently were, under construction, and brought the details up to date. The figures on installed capacities in Australia and the states pages have also been brought up to date; installed capacity in Oz is now 2476 MW.

New index in Wind Problems

I've added a key word index to WindProblems to try to make subjects easier to find.

New links page

Wind power links have been taken out of the WindPower page and placed in a new, dedicated, wind power links page.

New page

Why should we support wind power?

Updated generation figures

All the generation data from wind farms have been updated from the AEMO data for the three months up to the end of June 2011. Please inform me if you notice something that does not seem to be correct.

Senate inquiry

I've added a section of notes on the Senate inquiry into rural wind farms.

Update on Macarthur, Oaklands Hill and Bluff Range

I've added the present situation on Macarthur Wind Farm and Oaklands Hill WF in Victoria after receiving emails from AGL's Jeff Trompf and Kad Wallis (respectively). A newsletter has been released by Suzlon regarding progress on Bluff Range WF in SA; and power is starting to flow to the grid from the Bluff.

Wind turbines and illness

I have compared proven and alleged environmental health problems (tobacco, asbestos, power lines, computer monitors, etc.) in a new section of Wind power and health; comments and suggestions welcome.

Waubra Foundation and Dr Sarah Laurie

Dr Laurie is effectively the Waubra Foundation. Why does she get so much media attention?

Bird mortality from wind turbines added to

Data from a study I recently came across indicates that bird mortality from wind farms is very low compared to many other causes.

Potential for pumped-hydro-power in SA

At present gas-fired generators and power imported from interstate is used to 'fill the gaps' left in the South Australian electricity supply when the wind stops blowing. Pumped-hydro, while being more expensive than gas at present, has the advantage of being sustainable. It happens that Kangaroo Island not only has a great untapped wind-power potential, it also has the best sites for pumped-hydro-power in South Australia.

Australian wind power compared to the rest of the world

The table has been expanded.

Wind farms listed by location

My pages for each of the four main wind power states now have conceptual maps showing the approximate locations of their wind farms: see NSW, SA, Victoria and WA.

Flurry of wind farm proposals in NSW

Wind Prospect and Epuron have recently submitted Preliminary Environmental Assessments for a number of wind farms in NSW. Epuron: Birrema, Rye Park (update), White Rock. Wind Prospect: Crudine Ridge, Golspie, Sapphire, Uungula.

20% by 2020?

The calculations on Australia's progress toward the 20% renewable energy by 2020 have been updated.
Wind home

Generation data updated

I've downloaded the generation record for those wind farms listed on the AEMO Net site for the period January to March 2011 (inclusive). See Power generation of wind farms and individual wind farm sections.

Evolution of wind turbines in Australia

A short summary of how commercial-scale wind turbines have evolved since the first was built at Salmon Beach, Experance in 1987.

Model of smoothing wind power output with hydro

Peter Selegman suggested that Cathedral Rocks Wind Farm would be a good site for construction of a hydro system capable of smoothing the output of the wind farm. I have done a bit of modelling of this in Sustainable Energy. A system such as this has potential to greatly increase the value of wind-generated electricity.

Costs of generation for the Hallett wind farms

SKM's report 'Economic Impact Assessment of the Hallett Wind Farms' contains data that allow the cost per MWh to be calculated (or estimated) for all of AGL's Hallett wind farms. (See the table at the bottom of the section.)

Cost of wind power in Australia

I have added a new section to my WindPower page, the cost per Watt of building wind farms in Australia. Capital cost per installed Watt and per generated Watt can be given with some confidence, cost per MWh can also be estimated.

Changes to WindHealth

For what it's worth, I have come to the opinion that the health problems associated with wind turbines in some people start with annoyance and/or anxiety and then go on to become more serious psychogenic problems. The mechanism for any other cause of ill-health from wind turbines is simply lacking.


The entries on Ararat and Penshurst wind farms have been updated on receipt of information from RES.


A new feature, Community funding, has been added. My intention is to gradually add details of the amounts of funding that wind farmers donate to the communities that host their wind farms. Already there are some interesting comparisons.

'Health effects' of wind turbines

Do wind farms effect people's health. Following controversy over Origin's proposed Crystal Brook Wind Farm I've created a dedicated page.

Graphs showing month-by-month generation

Graphs of average generation for all the major wind farms on the national grid have been added to the state pages. A summary of all is on the Wind Power page. I intend to update these data quarterly.

Distance between houses and turbines

Further to the above, I'm informed that the closest home to Waterloo Wind Farm turbines is about 2km away (Dijana Jevremov, Roaring 40s). Also, the Crystal Brook Wind Farm turbines are to typically be at least 1km from homes that are not a part of the project (Elizabeth Weaver, Origin). My own investigation indicated that the Clements Gap Wind Farm turbines are at least 1km from homes.

Wind home
Wind home