The good and the bad

I was moved to write this page following publication of a piece about the wealthiest person in Australia who makes much of her money out of coal mining (bad enough in itself) and donates huge sums of money to try to convince people that climate change is not happening, so that she can continue to make even more money.

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While Trump enjoys golf, former president Jimmy Carter, 92, is building homes for the poor; Charlotte Beale writing for the UK Independent, 2018/07/15. A great item for an introduction to this subject and a great contrast between two US Presidents: one man conceited, greedy, self-interested, vulgar, coarse, dishonest, a mysoginist; and the other still doing his best to help people in his nineties.

The Good

Nine activists defending the Earth from violent assault; The Guardian, Jonathan Watts, 2018/07/21.

Sanjeev Gupta, discussed by Sophie Vorrath on RenewEconomy, 2018/07/23. Compare him to Gina Rinehart, below.

The Bad

Gina Rinehard

Ms Rinehard is the wealthiest person in Australia. She could do enormous good works with her money, instead she chooses to harm the planet by trying to make people believe that anthropogenic climate change is not a fact; presumably so that her coal-mining businesses can make even more money for her.

Ms Rinehard's coal exports have probably killed thousands of people from the air pollution resulting from the burning of the coal.

Gina Rinehard's $4.5m gift to climate sceptic think-tank, the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA); Graham Readfearn writing for the Guardian, 2018/07/21.


If you Google something like "who is the most evil person in Australia" you will be guided to pages about serial killers and child abusers. Isn't someone like Gina Rinehart more deserving of being called the most evil person in Australia? The coal from her mines kills thousands of people each year and she tries to mislead the public about the harm coal is doing by donating millions of dollars to the IPA. As I have argued elsewhere, a person in a position of power who knowingly lies about climate change has to be in the running to being the greatest criminal in the history of Mankind.

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