Which governments accept the reality of anthropogenic climate change?

Whether or not anthropogenic climate change (ACC; climate change caused by Man's activities) is a fact or not is a matter for science, not for opinion or government policy. The science is settled; the climate change that we are seeing at present is caused by Mankind, but some people refuse to accept the science.

Some climate change deniers will not be convinced by any rational argument at all. However, if we could say that every (or almost every) national government in the world accepts the fact of ACC it should help convince a few of those people who have open minds but have been mislead by the climate science deniers.

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Wikipedia lists some 196 sovereign states in the world. Of these it seems that there are four which may not have signed or ratified the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC.

Below are the countries whose governments seem not to have signed or ratified the UNFCCC.

  • Kosovo
  • Moldova
  • Tanzania
  • Vatican City
The governments of all the other nations, about 192 of them, have, by signing and ratifying the UNFCCC, accepted the fact of anthropogenic climate change.

I am Australian. The Australian government (of 2014) is notoriously pro-coal and against taking action on climate change, yet even it accepts the reality of ACC.

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