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Where best does one get one's information, where do I get my information? I've written another page that discusses reliable and unreliable sources.

It's a point that we all should give some thought to. Am I looking in the right places for reliable information? Am I just getting the sort of news I want to hear? Am I learning what I need to know?

I've written this page to help me clarify my own thoughts as much as anything.

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A part of the way of the future
Battery and turbines
The Hornsdale Power Reserve (AKA the Big Battery) and a very small part of the Hornsdale Wind Farm, 40 km of my home.
The main sources of the information I consume are:
  • The Internet:
    • The Conversation; particularly on environment, science and technology;
    • Facebook; it's important to have Facebook Friends who will post interesting, informative and reliable subjects;
    • Google news alerts; get Mr Google to keep you up with the subjects that interest you;
    • RenewEconomy helps to keep me up to date with developments in renewable energy;
    • The Internet generally; I often search for writing on subjects that interest me;
    • Wikipedia; I've found it to be remarkably reliable considering that it can be edited by anyone;
    • Emails;
  • Other than the Internet:
    • I have written on the things and people that have influenced me elsewhere on these pages;
    • The Drum on ABC TV, well informed discussion on the current hot topics;
    • Radio and TV news and programs, mostly the ABC, almost never the Murdoch Empire;
    • The Guardian;
    • Books; libraries and from shops;
    • Newspapers: mainly local: The Plains Producer, Northern Argus, Flinders News (The NA and FN are both Fairfax and seem to have declined in quality in recent years), Yorke Peninsula Country Times; I occasionally read the Adelaide Advertiser or The Australian (both Murdoch) at a coffee shop where I don't have to contribute financially to Rupert, which would be entirely against my principles.

Another part of the way of the future
Peterborough Solar Farm
Peterborough Solar Farm; one of several in my vicinity
Photo taken with my drone, 2018/05/12

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