Suicide of Humanity

For many decades now environmentalists have warned that governments and people in general have not given sufficient thought, consideration and care to the natural world. In recent years it has become quite obvious to anyone with an open mind that our shared planet is suffering badly for this neglect.

The Australian election of 2019/05/18, that surprised almost everyone by returning to power a government that has refused to take action on reducing greenhouse emissions for the last six years, was a small milestone along the way to mass human suicide.

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Climate change, together with the closely related threats of ocean acidification and the pollution from the burning of coal that kills millions of people each year, has long been my greatest single concern.

"The only two things that are infinite in size are the universe, and human stupidity. And I'm not completely sure about the universe."
Albert Einstein
I have especially been occupied in debunking the lies of those who oppose the desperately needed transition to renewable energy (particularly wind power) for about the last 16 years. This has not been because I have felt that wind power was of the greatest importance, but because most of the wind power development in this period in Australia was in my region (Mid North South Australia) and there was a huge amount of ill-informed or downright dishonest opposition to this form of renewable energy.

Wattle Point Wind Farm, South Australia
Wattle Point
Renewable energy installations such as this are essential if Mankind is to phase out the burning of fossil fuels that are the main cause of the progressive destruction of the Earth as we have known it.

If our grandchildren are to have a world to live on that is not greatly inferior to the one my generation has enjoyed we will have to start prioritising the environment first

Coal mining

Environmental considerations must come before profits.

Environmental considerations must come before jobs. A job in the coal industry is now more to be despised than a job in the tobacco industry. Tobacco harms people's health, the burning of coal is a big factor in destroying the planet. There is no longer any doubt about this.

How has it happened that Mankind is destroying the world?

Scientists and those of the general population who appreciate science see the way the world is going, but one of the main problems seems to be that those who are controlling the world, the wealthy and the politicians, are often ignorant of science or even dismissive of the value of science.

Many of the wealthy (in Australia for example, Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer) care only for making more money and don't care how they do it.

Politics in Australia is dominated by people having a background in law or economics; practically no politicians have a science background. Many on the right side of politics choose to ignore those sciences that do not fit in with their preconceptions.

Capitalism is the dominant system running commerce; it does not take into account environmental damage or ethical considerations. These matters need to be protected by governments, but governments are failing in this duty.

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