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"Wind turbine sound is torture"

The Waubra Foundation has claimed that wind turbine sound is a form of torture.

Think of it as a Monty Python sketch...

Written 2014/11/06
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The scene:
A dimly lit dungeon; various instruments of torture are lying about, a small fire crackles in a brazier. An obviously terrified man with very long and dishevelled hair and beard is chained to a heavy bench in the foreground.

A muscle-bound gorilla of a man, the Chief Torturer, leaning over the victim on the bench smirks, his two ugly assistants stand behind him; all are dressed in dirty leather.

Chief Torturer: "We have a special treatment for you today Bruce."; (fiendish chuckle from the two assistants).

Victim: "You monsters; what can you do that is worse than you have already done?"

Chief Torturer: "Oh you will see. Assistant; get the new instrument of torture, and put on your protective gear"

First assistant brings out a box and places it near the head of the victim. All three torturers put on ear muffs and carefully adjust them.

The victim strains to turn his head to see the instrument, but he can't, he's too firmly chained down.

Tension mounts. The victim is obviously becoming more and more terrified.

Chief Torturer: "Switch on the instrument of torture."

First Assistant Torturer throws a switch on the box. For a while nothing happens, then the soft swish, swish sound of a wind turbine is heard from the box.

The terror on the face of the victim gradually turns to puzzlement, then understanding.

Victim: "I know what you are doing. You are trying to confuse me and build up the tension. Do your worst; get it over with and stop torturing me with tricks."

Chief Torturer, also now puzzled: "No, no. This is it. This is the torture. We have it on the best of authority, the Waubra Foundation, they are experts on inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering."

The scene fades.

If you want to know the facts about wind turbines and sound have a read of this page, and this page gives the facts on wind turbines and health.

Health Canada's report

Health Canada, November 2014; Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study: Summary of Results – health and quality of life were found to be unaffected by nearby wind turbines, some annoyance was found.

With particular regard to the present subject, Health Canada reported that:

"The following were not found to be associated with WTN exposure:
  • self-reported sleep (e.g., general disturbance, use of sleep medication, diagnosed sleep disorders);
  • self-reported illnesses (e.g., dizziness, tinnitus, prevalence of frequent migraines and headaches) and chronic health conditions (e.g., heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes); and
  • self-reported perceived stress and quality of life.
While some individuals reported some of the health conditions above, the prevalence was not found to change in relation to WTN levels."
In other words, there was no link found between sleep disorders and actual levels of wind turbine noise.

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