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Diabolical Wind Turbine Rays

Science tells us that wind turbines do not produce sounds or anything else that could possibly make people sick. Yet people in the anti-wind power lobby, with more 'open minds' insist that turbines are causing illness; they even have a name for it, Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS).

I propose that we call the mysterious and harmful emanations that cause WTS Diabolical Wind Turbine Rays (DWTR). (A fuller and more descriptive name, 'Diabolical, Mysterious, Invisible, Inaudible and Unidentified Wind Turbine Rays' was considered, but I decided it was too long.)

Written 2013/11/21, last edited 2020/07/02
Contact: David K. Clarke – ©
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Do I need to say that this page should not be taken entirely seriously?

Some wind turbine opponents could think it is for real!

Canunda Wind Farm
These turbines look somehow diabolical don't you think?
Toora turbines
Toora turbines
I bet those cows are sick (they look relaxed and happy, but don't you believe it).
More Toora turbines
Toora turbines
Sick calves under wind turbines making a brave show of being contented
Clements Gap turbines
Clements Gap turbines
These sheep are obviously in very poor shape. I think the lambs were actually dead.
I spent the night in a pup tent behind the car
North Brown Hill turbines
I had a good night's sleep, but then there are probably some who would tell you that I am in league with the Devil and hence immune to Diabolical Wind Turbine Radiation!

Sage advice

People like Sarah Laurie of the Waubra Foundation (WF) travel around Australia, indeed, around the world, telling people that if a wind farm is going to be built near them they must expect to become ill. There are those out there who claim that this is a self-fulfilling prophecy, that when she spreads the expectation of sickness it makes people anxious and fearful and the anxiety and fear can then lead to illness; it's called the nocebo effect. But this is just what health scientists say; 'Dr' Sarah Laurie knows better. After all, she is a doctor.

Some qualification

Oh, OK, it is true that Sarah Laurie is not qualified to do medical research and is not registered as a doctor and has stopped calling herself a doctor and hasn't practiced medicine for years, and didn't practice very long; but at least she did practice medicine for a while. And it is true that the Waubra Foundation has nothing to do with the town of Waubra and the local people are highly annoyed at the Foundation using their town's good name and linking it to a disease; and then you would have to admit that the WF really has no right to call itself a foundation and it has had its 'health promotion charity' status taken away by the authorities. And it has been argued that there are very good reasons to believe that wind turbines don't cause illness at all, but these are all quibbling matters, not really worth mentioning at all.

Immunity in some

Strangely, those of us who find no particular faults with wind turbines, those who have (and get paid for having) turbines on their property, and those who work on wind farms, are mysteriously immune to the DWTR. Some of us (I must admit that I am one such) even enjoy sleeping beneath turbines and get a perfectly good night's sleep every time we do so; some even claim that the sound of the turbines is restful (again, I must admit fault here). How silly is that?

Ignorant scientists

Australia's new PM, Tony Abbott well knows that science and scientists are not to be trusted. That is why his government is the first in about 80 years without a Science Minister (it might also be a contributing factor to his being one of the least popular Prime Ministers in Australian history). Sure science has shown us how the Universe works, but when you get down to it, scientists admit that science proves nothing.

While the ignorant scientists of this world are unable to find any evidence that turbines make people sick, those who have more 'open minds' (Sarah Laurie often tells us we must have very open minds) know that turbines cause hundreds of illnesses. Struth, there are 14 illnesses caused by wind turbines starting with 'A' alone!

PM Abbott is intending to fund a study into the health impacts of wind turbines, while at the same time saying that he can't imagine why anyone would demonise coal (which causes at least two million deaths each year from air pollution).

Infrasound doesn't fit the bill

There has been a tendency in recent times to blame wind turbine illnesses on infrasound, but there are problems with this. The South Australian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) produced a report titled "Infrasound levels near windfarms and in other environments" in January 2013. Extracts from the Executive Summary:
  • "Infrasound levels at houses adjacent to wind farms ... are no higher than those at houses located a considerable distance from wind farms."
  • "... there did not appear to be any noticeable contribution from the wind farm to the G-weighted infrasound level ..."
There are many other reasons why it seems quite ridiculous to blame infrasound; not the least of which is that infrasound is quite harmless unless it is at very high levels.

DWTR is the cause

That is why I think that the cause must be Diabolical Wind Turbine Radiation. Infrasound, being a physical thing, has to obey the laws of physics. If the rays are diabolical then science doesn't come into it.

Whatever it is that is coming from wind turbines doesn't obey the inverse square law of physics (everything else does). If it did, how could we explain the fact that people like wind farm workers are immune and people living kilometres away get sick? And why is it that wind turbine illnesses are practically unknown in Western Australia and in non-English speaking countries.

But if the mysterious radiation is diabolical then it doesn't have to obey the laws of physics; how is that for clever? The rays, being diabolical, are free to zero in on special people and ignore the rest of us, just as demons do (or so we are told).

Where should you look for reliable information?

Anyway, anyone with any intelligence would ignor the scientists and look to reliable sources such as Alan Jones, Stop These Things and the Landscape Guardians for their facts.

OK, OK, I know that STT is written by someone who is not willing to give his own name and who thinks that name-calling is clever, and I know that the Landscape Guardians are not really interested in environmental matters at all; they just oppose wind farms and pretend to be environmentalists, and I know that Alan Jones is continually in trouble with ACMA (the Australian Communications and Media Authority) for passing off his opinion as fact, but they know everything about wind power! (Take their words for it.)

Serious footnote

Mention of Dr Laurie's limited medical experience might be condemned as a personal attack. I believe that it is justified because she has relied heavily on her title of doctor, until very recently, to legitimise her claims. Now that she is calling herself simply Sarah Laurie perhaps people will take less notice of her ridiculous, unsupported, and above all, harmful claims. People respect medical doctors because medical doctors are generally very careful to behave responsibly and give reliable advice. I believe that Sarah Laurie has misused this respect and has harmed the respected position of medical doctors in general.

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